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Rawlings Synthetic Sparring Messer- Silver Blade - PR9052

Rawlings Synthetic Sparring Messer- Silver Blade

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Overall Length: 37 1/2'' Blade: 29 7/8''

Usually Ships in About a Week
Weight: 1 lb 8.7 oz
Edge:  Blunt
P.O.B.: 6 5/8''
Thickness: 15.9 mm - 7.4 mm
Width: 54.1 mm
Grip Length: 5 1/4''
Pommel: Threaded

Molded from high-impact polymer plastic, this practice Messer sword is made for rigorous and safer sparring. The Messer, simply meaning ‘’knife’’ in German, was a popular late medieval and Renaissance sword in central Europe and many surviving fighting manuals ably demonstrate its use and techniques. It is a derivative of the falchion and was popular with professional men-at-arms.

Designed by practitioners of the Historical European Martial Arts community, this sparring sword is designed to be flexible at its wide, blunted tip to make thrusting technique safer than with standard wooden wasters. It is the last one-third of the blade to the tip that is designed to flex. The crossguard quillons have spherical tips, allowing for the practice of hilt hits. This sparring sword weighs two-thirds as much as a real sword of its type. Handle flex is kept to a minimum by a sturdy high-tensile steel rod within the grip. The grip is covered with a rubber-like thermoplastic to absorb impact and give friction for a good grip. Perpendicular to the crossguard is the Nagel, which can be easily changed to accommodate a right or left handed grip. The sword can be disassembled by unscrewing the pommel, which is fastened to the integrated steel rod with an integrated brass pommel nut. Disassembly makes it easy to transport the sparring sword, customize it with a variety of interchangeable parts, or to replace the blade.

Not just for training, this sparring sword is a good option for theatrical combat as well.

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